Stephen Finfer Is Living the Dream

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Stephen Finfer is living the dream. He left his east coast roots behind after graduating from law school to pursue a career as a litigator in the Los Angeles offices of the international law firm of Shea & Gould. Finfer’s road to a life in the courtroom took a turn toward the music industry when he became director of business affairs for Capitol Records.

The years at Capitol Records were spent working in the special markets division, and helping to establish a Latin label; handling business affairs at EMI Latin and signing artists. Finfer continued his growth as a force in the business side of music when he left Capitol to become the managing partner of a Los Angeles entertainment law firm bearing his name. It was not long before the law firm was handling the business and legal affairs of artists and labels like Death Row Records, LOUD Records, Fleetwood Mac and House of Pain.

As demand for these services grew, Finfer was recruited to become general manager of TVT Music Publishing, which included the signing of L’il John, Scott Storch and Ja Rule. In 2002, Stephen Finfer’s search for talent led him to songwriter and singer, Kara DioGuardi, with whom he partnered to turn Arthouse Entertainment into a top source for songwriters, artists and producers.

Leaving behind the life of a courtroom litigator has turned Stephen Finfer into a force in the music industry as a much sought after music publisher, talent manager and consultant.

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